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Why 3E Panels

Wall panels are an important element of buildings, coming in various structural functions, geometry, and materials. In recent years, pre-fabricated panels have become popular within the construction industry due to many advantages such as better construction quality, reduce on-site work, and reduced construction times. These panel systems can be used for the construction of walls and/or roofs and/or floors.

Currently, many of the load-bearing pre-fabricated panels available are either made from concrete, steel, or timber materials. Out of these, concrete and solid timber frames are heavy, thus require heavy machinery on-site for construction. Steel and timber stud frames are relatively light but require more construction time. Steel and concrete panels are high CO2 emission elements, thus considered as non-environmentally friendly solutions. Steel and timber frame systems also suffer from poor performance under fire loads.

On the other hand, the lightweight panel systems available within the construction market, are generally made using expanded polystyrene, cement or MgO board, timber products, etc. Those products though provide good insulation performance, are suffering from either poor structural performance, poor fire performance, poor durability, inability to manufacture in curved geometries, high CO2 emissions, or high resource consumption.

It is an object of the invention of 3E Panels to overcome or alleviate the abovementioned problems and provide consumers an alternative commercial solution.

3E panels have proven its high functionalities through the ARC Future Timber Hub Project on “The optimisation of wood-based mass-panels for Australian building systems”.

Our company has the right mix of product, team, and strategy to contribute to greener and better residential and commercial construction markets.

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